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From: mike loggerman
Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs pt. 29At the end of the semester, Keith went home for the summer, and I had to
stay on campus to take a few classes. Summer was different than the regular
school year. There were fewer classes, and fewer students, and things went
at a slower pace. I missed Keith all the time, and was so horny I thought I
would go up the wall. Most of the regular guys from the dorm were gone, and
the summer guys were different. They were older guys, who were taking
refresher courses or finishing their degrees. I started hanging out in the
shower room to dark lolita kids 6yo
see if anyone interesting would come in.I was just getting into the shower, when this guy in his mid forties came
in. He was tall with an average build, and had dark hairy legs. I had seen
him around the cafeteria. I watched as he got undressed. He had a pretty
hairy chest, and a dark furry bush around his cock. It was then that I
noticed he was looking me over too. I got in the shower and started to soap
myself up, when I noticed he got into the shower next to mine. I started to
get semi hard, and he noticed. He smiled at me and asked if I wanted help
soaping my back. I was stunned, but said ok. His hands felt great on my
back as he massaged me with his soapy hands. He reached under my arms and
soaped my pits, and then reached around and soaped my tits. It felt
incredible as he felt me with his soapy slippery hands. As he ukrainian lolita lolita model massaged my
tits, he pulled me closer to him, and I could feel his hard cock in my ass
crack. I started pushing my ass back onto his cock, and I felt him start to
slide into my ass. He started thrusting into me with long slow thrusts as
he played with my nipples. I shivered with excitement as I felt his big
hard cock sliding in and out of me. I started to moan, and he whispered
that he hadn't fucked a guy in a very long time, and how good it felt. I
told him I need to be fucked as much as possible, and would love him to do
it. He had me lean against the wall, and he grabbed my hips and started
fucking me hard and fast. I started squeezing his cock with my ass, and I
felt him shooting his load inside me. He reached around me and started
jerking my cock hard, and I shot my load on the shower wall. WHen he pulled
out of me, I felt his cum running down my leg, and he turned me around and
kissed preteen lolitas pics sex me as I felt his body against mine.I gave him my room number and told him to drop by anytime. He told me his
name was Greg, and said he would love to mess around with me as much as
possible. I told him to come to my room after dinner. When he got there,
he was in a wife beater and gym shorts. Every time he raised his arm I got
weak in the knees looking at his hairy pits. I started licking his pits as
I slid my hand down his shorts and felt his hardening cock. I got on my
knees and pulled down his shorts and felt his big hairy balls as I swirled
my tongue around his cock head. As I took him into my mouth, I ran my hands
along his hairy ass cheeks, and savored the scent of his sweaty crotch. He
had me stand up and he pulled down my shorts and felt my small cock and
balls. I love being handled by another man. He got on his knees and
sucked me as he reached underneath and started fingering my smooth hole. I
got rock hard as he fingered my hole and sucked my cock. Then he got up,
took off my shirt, and started sucking my tits. I moaned as Greg took over
my body, and I asked how he knew I would want him. He told me I licked my
lips as I watched him undress in the showers. I told him thats because I
love hairy men. He laughed and said he just loves sex, and he likes my
curves. He had two fingers in my ass as we spoke. He told me he was bi and
married, but he hadn't fucked a guy in a long time. I gave him the lube,
and he spread it on his cock, and had me lie on my back, as he put my legs
up on his shoulders and slid his thick cock deep in my ass. I loved
watching his hairy body over me and feeling his thick cock slide in and out
over my prostate. Greg started moving his hands over my tits and pinched
the nipples as he fucked me faster and harder. I started contracting my ass
around his cock as he thrust deeper and deeper into me. I started to shoot
my load onto my chest as he fucked me harder. My ass clamped down on his
cock and he started shooting rope after rope of cum into me. He lay his
hairy body agaisnt mine and tongue kissed me as he ground his body against
mine. We were both out of breath, but very satisfied. He told me not to get
too attached, because he was just there for a six week course, and then he
would be gone. He also told me he was married and this could only be a
summer thing. I told him not to worry, that I had a boyfriend who was away
for the summer, and just wanted him for the sex, not a relationship. So we
were on the same page. He went back to his room, and that was it, until
about 6am. He knocked on my door, with a towel around him. He was on his
way to the showers and thought I might help him out.He took off his towel and his cock was large and very hard. I sat on the
edge of the bed and sucked his cock as I gently ran my hands along his
body. Then he lay top nude lolipop lolita
on the bed and had me get on top of him. I slowly slid
down his hard cock, until I could feel his thick bush agaisnt my ass. I
started moving up and down his hard cock as he thrust up into me. I started
moving back and forth on his cock and not just up and down, the top 100 lolita galleris way keith
liked it. He started moaning loudly and I thought I could feel his cock
throbbing russian super girls lolitas inside me as his cock erupted and filled me with a large amount of
warm cum. As I got off him, he had me get on all fours so he could watch
his cum dripping out of me. He got up and went to the showers, while I lay
on my side and took his cum from my ass and tasted it.A couple of days later, It was a pretty warm day, so I dressed in a wife
beater shirt and gym shorts, and went down to a local burger place for
lunch. I was sitting outside in the sun and noticed a guy looking me over.
He was early 40's, trim and I could see the hair peeking out the open collar
of his shirt. He got his lunch and came outside and asked if he could sit
with me. I nodded and he sat down. We made small talk and I noticed he
kept looking at my legs where my shorts had ridden up near my crotch. I had
my legs spread wide and I asked what he was looking at. He said he thought
I looked sexy, and was wondering if I had a small cock. I blushed and he
said he was sorry, but he loved chubby guys with small ones and couldn't
help checking me out. I said if he had a place to go, I wouldnt mind
letting him check me out closer. We got in his car and he took me to his
apartment. When we got inside, he started feeling my chest through my shirt
and slid his hands under my arms and felt my pits. I lifted my arms and he
started licking my pits and slid his hand down my shorts and started
squeezing my hard four inch cock. He undressed me and explored my naked
body. As he did, I unzipped his tight jeans and pulled them down, feeling
his big thick cock through his white breifs. I pulled them down and felt
his very hairy crotch and big balls as he sucked on my nipples. He got on
his knees and started sucking tiny girls pretty lolitas my cock. He slid photo pics young loli his big long index finger up
my ass as he sucked me, sending me over the edge and he swallowed my load.
He got up and whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me. I was
breathing heavily and told him I wanted him inside me.I lay on his bed and he got on top of me, putting my legs on his shoulders.
He held his hard dripping cock at the entrance of my hole and I felt it
getting slippery. He started kissing my neck as he slowly slid his cock
deeper and deeper inside me until all seven inches of his cock were buried
inside me. I loved feeling his hairy chest against me as his cock filled my
ass. He started thrusting in and out of me as he told me how hot I was. I
squeezed my ass around his cock and felt him throbbing. He thrust harder
and harder, and I felt his cum filling my ass. We got dressed and he took
me back to my dorm. I gave him my preteen lolitas pics sex
cell number and said he could call me
anytime. I went back to my room smelling of his body smell, and didnt
shower so I could enjoy his smell on me.

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